Wetherell Win Exceptional Award
Last week Rightmove and The Property Academy held The Best Estate Agents of the Year Awards 2019.

Wetherell won an award for Best Central London Single Office.
The Excellence Award puts us in the Top 1% of the 25,000 estate agents in the country.

The Research Methodology
There are an estimated 26,000 estate and letting agency branches in the UK.
The judges identified and assessed over 25,000 of them to create a useful tool which is designed to help choose an estate agent for the sale or let of most peoples’ most valuable asset.

The Awards were compiled by independent industry experts the Property Academy with the support of the UK’s largest property portal, Rightmove.

Local – Micro not Macro
They compared performance at a hyper-local level and rated branches, not companies to recognise differences in service standards between different branches of the same company, as well as disparities in regional property markets.

To choose which agents are listed in the Best Estate Agent Guide, each branch was scored against a unique set of performance and customer service criteria, using a combination of data analysis and mystery shopping.

They looked at performance over a 12-month period, involving analysis of:

•    Over 25,000 branches
•    1 million properties listed at any point in time
•    3 million transactions
•    50 million leads
•    3 billion property views
•    30,000 mystery shops

Each winning Estate agent branch can therefore proudly display a Best Estate Agent Guide mark rating that office in the top 20% of all branches in the country.

From Industry to Profession 
The marks provides a useful indication as to the quality of the agent, which can help when choosing an agent to value your property and when choosing which agent to instruct.

It is interesting that on the day of the award, the government announced that they would look again at improving the standards of the industry and perhaps through licensing we could then at last become a profession.