The Story of Mayfair

The Story of Mayfair: 1945 to 1990 – From ballrooms to boardrooms

Just as WWI and the Depression decimated the wealth of both the new and old money of Mayfair, WWII helped to end its role as a leading residential address. After 1945, with the offices of the City of London largely destroyed by bombing, some 1.2 million sqft of Mayfair residential property was converted to residential […]

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The Story of Mayfair: 1918 to 1939 – Aristocracy in decline

The horrors of WWI and the Great Depression, gave huge blows to both the aristocracy and the plutocrats who found that they could no longer afford to run their vast luxurious homes. As a result, during the 1920s and 1930s some 25 vast mansions and palaces in Mayfair, and additional smaller townhouses, in all over […]

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The Story of Mayfair: 1851 to 1914 – From aristocrats to plutocrats

As the Victorian era progressed the aristocrats and foreign European Royals who had until now ruled Mayfair, were to gain new neighbours who generated their money not from land or statehood, but from business. Whilst the ancient gentry had been happy to live in relatively plain understated Georgian properties, the Empire’s business kings were not. […]

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The Story of Mayfair: 1721 to 1850 – The Heyday of the aristocrats

The aristocracy departed their former cramped and outdated houses in Soho, Whitehall, Holborn and the City and relocated Westwards to the new mansions, townhouses and green squares of Mayfair. Of the initial 227 houses built, 117 had titled owners. Dukes, Duchesses, Marquesses and Earls rivaled each other to secure the best houses and dress them […]

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The Story of Mayfair: 1660s to 1720s – From mud to mansions

Mayfair was originally unwanted, nameless, muddy fields – the River Tyburn swamps – situated to the West of what was then central London (Whitehall, Soho, Covent Garden and the City). Mayfair got its name in 1686 when King James II granted Royal permission for a fair to be held on the site of what is […]

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