The Story of Mayfair

Swampy to Swanky

Circa 1675, this land was a nondescript patch of open ground made muddy and boggy by the River Tyburn. However, in 1686, the area acquired not just a name, but also a purpose when King James II granted permission for an agricultural “Fayre” to be held there, during the first two weeks of May – […]

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How did Mayfair become London`s most desirable area?

Had the game of Monopoly been invented in the 17th century, the most valuable square on the board would not have been Mayfair. Back then, there weren’t many blue plaques on its walls. Mind you, there weren’t that many walls, either. Today, this may be the home of Britain’s most expensive property, but circa 1675, […]

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The Story of Mayfair : 2014 to 2030 – The Future

There is now a huge residential development pipeline of over 400 new homes, worth over £840 million, which will be built in Mayfair over the next 5 – 15 years. Already values have exceeded £5,000 per sqft and within the next 5 – 10 years Wetherell calculate that residential property values will reach £10,000 per […]

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The Story of Mayfair : 2008 to 2014 – From bust to boom

As London began to lift out from the 2007 global recession office property values sank to half those of residential so that by 2014 Wetherell were able to record that since 1990 the firm had sold over 100 buildings in Mayfair which were for conversion back into residential use. Available to purchase at Maggs Bros. or Amazon

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The Story of Mayfair: 1990 to 2008 – From offices to homes again

By 1990 the last of the temporary office permissions expired and slowly the properties in Mayfair began to be returned to residential use as corporations sought newly built office premises in West London, the City and Canary Wharf. By 2004 Wetherell had calculated that residential property in Mayfair was more valuable than office space for […]

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