A number of world-class international artists are set to transform Mayfair into a vast nocturnal outdoor exhibition space for the free 4-night festival, from 5.30pm – 10.30pm on Thursday 19 January until Sunday 21 January.

Lumiere London Mayfair Installations will feature:

Impulse by Lateral Office & CS Design (Canada), South Molton Street,: Co-created by Canadian design practices, Lateral Office and CS Design, Impulse is a field of illuminated interactive seesaws that invite the public to find their inner-child and play in an urban, public space. The more they move, the more light and sound is produced, to create a kinetic and dynamic experience that is different for each user, offering the chance to experiment to create your own unique musical soundtrack. With additional support from High Commission of Canada in the UK.

Neon Bikes, Robyn Wright, Brown Hart Gardens (upper level, perimeter): Made from neon flex attached to a custom-made frame, the pieces will take up the space normally filled by its functional counterpart. Neon Bikes encourage us to reflect on the joy of cycling: a simple invention that has come to offer a sustainable and indispensable way of getting around for millions across the globe.

Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Sweden), Grosvenor Square,: Inspired by the enthralling experience of viewing the elusive aurora borealis, Swedish artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic will recreate this spectacular and poetic natural light phenomenon in Grosvenor Square. Passers-by will be able to experience the wonder and magic of the shimmering northern lights in a city and a place where they would never naturally appear.

Dune by Studio Roosegaarde (Netherlands), Connaught Hotel: Visitors will pass along a densely planted row of illuminated ‘flowers’, triggering light and sound as they move. Dune is an astonishing hybrid of nature and technology: a sustainable artwork using no more power than a single 60-watt light bulb, both eerie and exhilarating.

[M]ondes by Atsara (France), Mount Street Gardens: Tiny sparks of light will flicker throughout Mount Street Gardens, like shooting stars across a midnight sky. Out of the darkness, sparks of light will appear and then vanish, creating a mesmerising choreography with a magical and hypnotic power. Cycles of sound build, will be suspended in silence and then fade away. Hear the overlapping sounds, creating variations within a continuous pulse.

Bough 3 by Simon Corder (UK), 17-22 South Audley Street: Bough 3 is a new commission for Lumiere London by British artist and lighting designer, Simon Corder. Vivid tubes of fluorescent light will grow up the façade of this significant Mayfair building, climbing like ivy up the wall, over and around the ornate decorations in the brickwork, bathing the surrounding site in a soft blue light. Bough 3 will be the third in a series of Bough projects by Corder,

Oiseau by Cédric Le Borgne (France), Berkeley Square: Beautiful illuminated birds will shine against the night sky. Sitting on rooftops and frozen mid-air in flight they offer the possibility of connection between the sky and the ground, between dream and reality. With additional support from Astrea Asset Management.