Wetherell think that nothing epitomises glamorous destination resorts better than the famous Art Deco Travel Posters of the 1920s and 30s, created to promote luxury resorts such as Monaco, Lake Como and St Moritz.

In response to a new report that reveals that Mayfair is viewed by wealthy people from around the world as a luxury resort destination, Wetherell, in association with Pullman Editions, have produced a beautiful, Art Deco style, limited edition “Travel Poster” for Mayfair: arguably London’s most sought after and famous address.

Created by Pullman Editions’ principal house artist Charles Avalon in the lavish style of the vintage 1920s billboards, the new Mayfair travel poster depicts Mount Street in the heart of Mayfair. It is complete with the legendary Connaught Hotel and Scott’s restaurant, the chicest seafood restaurant in the capital. Unlike many modern artists who work digitally, all of Avalon’s work is hand drawn and painted, mainly in gouache, and sometimes acrylic.

Just 280 limited edition numbered prints have been produced of the new Mayfair poster. These will be available for sale through Pullman Editions priced at £395 each (unframed) and £750 each framed. An additional 100 postcard sized copies of the Mayfair travel poster have been produced. Wetherell are sending these postcards to clients, contacts and friends of Mayfair to celebrate the cachet of this world famous address.

Founded in 2010, Pullman Editions designs, commissions and publishes striking original posters which capture the enduring appeal of Art Deco. Their newly-commissioned posters feature glamorous resorts around the world, winter sports in the Austrian, French and Swiss Alps, and the world’s greatest historic automobiles on the road and track. Pullman Editions’ exclusive editions portray the very essence of glamour from a bygone era, and reflect the call for stylish, decorative yet affordable Art Deco posters. Executed by leading poster artists, each with their own unique ‘signature style’, their editions combine originality with the quintessential heritage and dramatic imagery of vintage posters.

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Pullman Editions is the sister company of London’s Pullman Gallery, renowned for many years as the leading specialist dealer in important automobile art and original vintage posters.

Explaining why Mayfair has become a luxury resort destination Georgina Khachadourian, Founding Partner of Pullman Editions Ltd said: “Class, sophistication and finery are all synonymous with Mayfair, which is now the most exclusive address in Britain. Peter Wetherell’s new ‘Who Lives in Mayfair’ report reveals that people from around the world view Mayfair as a luxury resort destination similar to Monaco or the Riviera. This is why we thought it would be fun to create a beautiful limited edition 1920s style travel poster to underline this new status.”

Peter Wetherell, Chief Executive of Wetherell said: “The Pullman Gallery’s beautiful Art Deco travel posters are tourism adverts from a bygone time. Elegant, glamorous and highly artistic, they are much coveted and highly collectable. These 1920s posters kick-started the golden age of luxury travel to chic resort village destinations.”

Peter Wetherell continues: “Our new report ‘Who lives in Mayfair’ has found that Mayfair has become a resort-village for affluent young 20 and 30-something residents from around the world. Almost 60% of the 5,118 residents in Mayfair are now aged below 44; with almost 45% of residents aged between 25-44. The report also shows that modern Mayfair is highly cosmopolitan. There are now residents from over 42 nationalities, with over 60% of Mayfair’s residents now born overseas, up from 49% back in 2001.”

Peter Wetherell says: “The findings from the report demonstrate that Mayfair has become a global-oasis for young people, and a “twin” of destinations like Monaco, St. Tropez and Miami, which are the other hubs where the world’s wealthy elite choose to relax and enjoy their leisure time. This is why we thought it would be timely to work with the wonderful Pullman Editions gallery to produce an Art Deco travel poster for Mayfair to underline that it has joined the luxury resort destinations. What better way than a beautiful visual poster to communicate this message.”

Pullman Editions highlight that before the television and internet ages posters – once described as ‘a visual shout’ – proved a highly attractive and effective means of promotion and ‘at-a-glance’ display. They remain effective today, used in railway stations, the underground network, bus depots and airports to mention just a few outlets.

Poster display was never more inspired than in the Art Deco period when posters, largely produced by Swiss and French railway companies, graced station platforms and billboards to persuade affluent and adventurous travellers to enjoy the newly-fashionable modern luxury travel. The vast majority of these classic posters were destroyed when replaced by other posters – it is the handful of surviving vintage posters that today fetch such dramatic prices.

The last decade or so has seen enormous growth in the vintage poster market, with many new collectors entering the field. Specialist dealers such as the Pullman Gallery, and auction houses in Europe and the US, have served this new and growing community of collectors, with the inevitable result of prices growing steadily as demand increases for a product with only a finite supply. In the field of vintage Winter Sports posters for example, good posters from the 1920s and 1930s comfortably achieve five-figure sums at auction, with the finest posters reaching in excess of £30,000 on the rare occasions they become available, excluding them to all but the wealthiest collectors.

Available in strictly limited editions, Pullman Editions’ posters are printed in the UK using traditional lithographic techniques on the finest quality 100% cotton fine art paper. They are signed, hand-numbered and bear the Pullman Editions embossed stamp of authenticity. Each poster is approximately 97 x 65 cms (38 x 26 inches), and they are supplied unframed in robust tubes, which are shipped worldwide.

To buy the poster please contact  Pullman Editions at 94 Pimlico Road, Chelsea, Tel 020 7730 0547 or visit Pullmaneditions.com