25 Mayfair Facts

Fact 10

In 1964 the Canadian billionaire and owner of Fortnum & Mason commissioned a four-ton clock, which is installed outside the Piccadilly store. Every hour four foot high models of William Fortnum and Hugh Mason emerge and bow to each other, with 18th century chimes playing in the background.

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Fact 9

Robert Clive – 1st Baron Clive of India – committed suicide with a pen knife at his home at 45 Berkeley Square in 1774. His death has been linked to a history of depression and opium addiction, although he took the opium to ease the pain of an excruciating illness. His pet giant tortoise Adwaita […]

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Mayfair Fact – 8

The Ritz hotel in Piccadilly was built on a site previously occupied by The Old White Horse Cellar, one of the most famous coaching inns in London. It was one of the first steel-frame buildings to be erected in Europe. The restaurant has so many chandeliers that its ceiling had to be specially reinforced. Launched […]

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Mayfair Fact – 7

The home of the Dukes of Wellington, Apsley House at Hyde Park Corner is known as Number One London because it was the first house encountered after a ride through the fields of Knightsbridge. In fact its postal address is 149 Piccadilly. When the 7th Duke gave the house to the nation in 1947, the […]

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Mayfair Fact – 6

When it was constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine in 1931, The Dorchester on Park Lane was one of London’s most innovative buildings. Reinforced concrete allowed the creation of large pillar-free spaces and gave the hotel a reputation for being a very safe building. Both Dwight D Eisenhower and Winston Churchill stayed there during the war. […]

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