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Boris Johnson dubs Westminster parking ‘completely mad’

London Mayor Boris Johnson has called Westminster City Council’s decision to bring in night time and weekend parking charges as “completely mad”. He said the move will be “damaging to business”, and added that he was “examining legal options” as he does not control parking on council roads. The levy, from £2.20 to £4.40 an […]

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Westminster has backed itself into a stupid corner

The great Westminster parking dispute has become more than about parking, and more than about Westminster. There are four weeks to go before the character of London’s West End changes drastically, with the imposition of daytime traffic control at evenings and weekends. The yield is to be a mere £7 million to the council from meters […]

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Scents of the world from the comfort of Mayfair

Aesop has long believed travel is an essential part of life and their 7 new gift kits are named after captivating streets of the world, that naturally hold an Aesop store.  Fresh zingy scents with skin friendly ingredients are captured in chic minimal packaging.  A perfect introduction to the brand and essential for any explorer. […]

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