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March 2012

Highlights of the Wetherell March Report Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Wetherell Sponsor the Property Awards New To Mayfair Market You Can’t Afford to Sell Taxing at the Top Watch This Space – Mayfair Spring Market Current Mayfair Market Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Residential Mayfair has had a […]

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February 2012

TOP TREE IN MAYFAIR “Tree” is not a typo nor an Irish twang in pronunciation, but a report I came across prepared in 2008 stating that the most expensive tree in England is rooted in Berkeley Square. With a radius of over 6 feet it was planted in 1789 in the reign of King George […]

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January 2012

Now that the leader of Westminster City Council, Colin Barrow, has resigned perhaps the “mute Conservative Councillors” will now have the guts to stand up and throw out these parking proposals once and for all. The Evening Standard, the Labour opposition leader Paul Dimoldenberg and the lone conservative councillor Glenys Roberts should all be congratulated […]

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Carousel Lets

Duke Street Apartments, 16 brand new flats to rent ….

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