At the end of a night of drinking many people wish they could quickly be at home in their beds rather than standing in line for a taxi.

And now that dream is a reality with the creation of a studio flat in London which can transform from a mini-bar/private club into a cosy home.
At just 30 square metres (323 sqft) in size and costing £625 per week, the fourth floor studio flat is one of the smallest homes ever released onto the Mayfair market – and one of the more original.

Its interior design is a bar/nightclub theme – meaning its future tenant could entertain friends and family before climbing into bed only a few metres away.
The size of a cloakroom or bathroom, the pad is designed with a cocktail bar/night-club style interior.

In the corner is a black-metallic bar paneled with gold edges, complete with bar-stools.

There is a coffered ceiling with light features and cocktail-bar shelving with wall mirrors and LED shelving.

The flat is kitted out in Louis Vuitton style dark-wood panelled fitted cupboards and ebony coloured faux leather flooring.
It even has an outside cocktail terrace complete with table and chairs.

The club theme runs throughout – even the Art Nouveau style bathroom with its black and gold patterned mosaics; club lights; gold and silver feature butterflies feels like something out of Claridges rather than a small studio flat.

But behind the cocktail-bar exterior are all the features required to convert the space into a cosy home.

Hidden within the bar is a hob, oven, drawers and cupboards allowing the space to convert into a kitchen, with the worktop and bar-stools providing a breakfast/dining area.

The sofa and drinks area converts into a bedroom suite for when revelers get tired and want to retire for the night.

The wall paneling opens to reveal a split-built in cupboard/wardrobe with one side serving as storage for clothing and accessories and the other a fold-away utility room with a washing machine, shelving for ironing board and other domestic appliances

Peter Wetherell, Chief Executive of Wetherell comments: ‘Whilst this might be one of the smallest homes ever released onto the Mayfair market, it is also one of the most clever interior design schemes Wetherell have been instructed to promote.

‘It’s a place that needs to be seen to be understood. The design is ingenious: the living space can be arranged to provide a cocktail bar/night-club style ambience, the next, it can be transformed into a cosy home with kitchen, dining area and bedroom.

‘The pad is perfect as either a pied-a-terre or a cosy main home for a singleton who likes entertaining and a home rich in character and style. For someone after studio-chic this is the ultimate pad in Mayfair!’

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