Where luxury homes are concerned, Mayfair pretty much has it all. A quick scan of current property listings reveals homes complete with built-in pizza ovens, spa treatment rooms and their own chauffeur-driven Bentleys.

There is one area where most of its premium pads fall short, though – access to a garden. Not a roof terrace, not a balcony, but a proper patch of grass.

But now there is a rare chance to buy a home with its own back yard, in a block with access to one of Mayfair’s three ‘secret’ gardens.

Nestled just behind Park Lane, Warburton House is a red-brick neo-Georgian mansion which was redeveloped in the early 2000s to provide seven luxury apartments – one of which has just come on the market with Wetherell for £4.5m. It is located on Dunraven Street: one of four streets which back on to the private Green Street Garden.

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