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“Three years ago I took a call from Grosvenor asking me to prepare a report for the board on the values of residential Mayfair property and for Wetherell’s predictions on where we thought the market was going. As I prepared my evidence of comparable sales, market strength and predictions for the future I came to the conclusion that not only was Mayfair to continue in its rise but that it was significantly undervalued and that the market was set to undergo a “Step Change” in values. Mayfair would not only catch up with other PCL (prime central London) areas but blast through those values to reclaim once again the position of London’s number one residential area.

“To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill – the further ahead you need to look then the further back you need to go – I was led into a research project that would take me back through 350 years of Mayfair history.”

Peter Wetherell, Author: The Story of Mayfair

In Praise of the Story of Mayfair


“People sometimes say that self-proclaimed Mayfair Guru Peter Wetherell wrote the book on prime W1 property; well now he literally has.”


“Modern day estate agent Peter Wetherell explains in his new book The Story of Mayfair”

The VIP Book Launch


Celebrating 350 Years of Mayfair

The Story of Mayfair: From 1664 onwards, is a new book co-authored by Peter Wetherell, Erik Brown and Oliver Bradbury which looks at the social, financial and physical development of Mayfair, one of the world’s most famous addresses over 350 years, with a fascinating final chapter reviewing the potential future of Mayfair up to 2030.

With written contributions from leading Mayfair figures including Peter Vernon, Simon Reuben, Richard Caring, Sir John Ritblat and John Caudwell, the book provides a fascinating insight into the landowners, developers, residents, social changes, scandals and excesses of this most famous and luxurious of addresses.

The book provides a dramatic insight into not only the unbelievable wealth and inward investment that has been poured over the decades by waves of “old and new money” (aristocrats, Royalty, dictators and tycoons) into the 285 acres (0.45 square miles) that form Mayfair, but also the incredible destruction and vandalism that has also destroyed several billion pounds (at today’s values) worth of palaces, mansions and townhouses. Properties ruthlessly destroyed by the wrecking ball and bombing, victims of recessions, taxation and wars.

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Very interesting.. we are fighting each other to read it!! We love Mayfair since we discovered it after reading A Village in Picadilly by Robert Henry over 60 years ago! We used to read The Mayfair Times and found it very interesting. Thank you for such an interesting book

Marion and Edwin Seal

With the help of researchers, journalists, cartoonists and considerable time in development, I have finally delivered “The Story of Mayfair From 1664 Onwards”.


Peter Wetherell pictured at Jessica McCormack

“I hope that you find the changes that have occurred in Mayfair’s past as fascinating as I have and that you share my view that the next decade will be its most exciting for nearly a century.”
– Peter Wetherell, Author

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