My thoughts on the Mayfair property market.

  • Recalibrate
  • Calibre
  • Leadership & Values
  • Bricks & Mortar
  • Resilience
  • Mayfair Step Changes
  • Thoughts for the Future
  • Views of London
  • Dangerous Disparity

The Mayfair market is still active on the letting of property plus properties for sale which were viewed pre-lockdown.

I end the report asking for your thoughts and to those who reply, may I take this opportunity of thanking you in my research.

“Dangerous Disparity” is the gap between what you think the customer values and what they actually value.

Studies show that most get it wrong and then build plans, messaging, training and branding around those faulty assumptions.

“What do you think” is important to me.

My best wishes and do download the pdf attachment. ‘DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT’