I am pleased to announce our latest research piece, “The Mount Street Report: Mount Street as an exemplar of public realm improvement”
The report was commissioned and compiled by Wetherell, with research and written contributions by Zoe Dare Hall, an award winning property journalist who principally writes for the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The London Magazine.

The new report reviews how Grosvenor has defined public realm enhancement best practice with the transformation of Mount Street in Mayfair from a secondary thoroughfare into one of London’s leading luxury brand destinations.

The report reviews how this repositioning has influenced other London estates to look at replicating the success of Mount Street in a dozen locations across the capital. The report has also analysed Mount Street alongside the world’s other top luxury brand addresses.

Wetherell has used this analysis to identify 18 key activities that are required to deliver effective public realm transformation.

Our aim is to provide a compelling read for anyone involved interested in the success of Mount Street, those who are in London property development, regeneration and estate management.

This is a 50 page report so if you are interested then please contact me by return so that we can mail you a copy.
I have highlighted the main findings of the report in this PDF.