An American philosopher and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; Nicholas Murray Butler (1862 – 1947) was so well known and respected that The New York Times would print his Christmas greeting to the nation every year.

He is also known for the famous phrase:
“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing”


“Osbornitis” (a debilitating illness spread by an ex-Chancellor though tax changes and SDLT), Brexit, Leadership changes plus the US election has certainly had an impact on the Prime Central London residential market.

Mayfair has this year seen fewer sales than in the Financial Crisis of 2008 – over 50% off the volume peaks of 2013 and 2010 and just over a third of the peaks of 2006/7.

At this rate – As the “Mayfair Guru” – I am certainly on the way to be the wisest in the land!

However this does not take account the “off market” sales which are strong for new developments and achieving new record £psf values.
The sales growth for Mayfair values in open market sales since 2007 has seen an increase of 87% compared to 70% for the rest of PCL – plus the long term investment value especially with off market development sales activity bodes well for the future of the Mayfair area.

Wetherell have been involved in the majority of Mayfair sales over £10M this year and recent Wetherell Research reveals a long term rate of 69% over the last 5 years.

Accolades for 2016 –
“Top Mansion House Sale”
“Top Rental of Newly Modernised House”
“No.1 in Luxury Rentals over £3K p.w.”
“Most visible website for Mayfair Property”
All these show why Wetherell is known as
“Mayfair’s Triple ‘A’ Estate Agent”
Ambassador – Aficionado – Advocate

Our view is that buying in Mayfair is still one of PCL’s wisest lifestyle choices – our catch phrase for 2016 has been:

“Don’t wait to buy in Mayfair, just buy in Mayfair and wait because the best is yet to come”



The lighting ceremony was again a great success with our Mount Street Ambassador the “Dating Guru” Fred Sirieix joining Anthony Gormley to light both the street and the Connaught Christmas Tree a 65 foot tall cedar.

In Association with Wetherell, the Fair returns for its 4th year.
Antiques Fair:
We have complimentary tickets in our office for those in London at the beginning of the New Year.
Make a diary date:
5-8th January 2017
The London Marriott Hotel
Grosvenor Square W1K 6JP


In 2017 Wetherell celebrate 35 years as The Mayfair Specialist and also 25 years in our prominent corner location on Mount Street – now the destination retail location for some of the world’s leading brands.

“Mayfair’s Golden Decade”
Report on why Mayfair is in the middle of its most exciting 10 years for nearly a century: Golden Decade: 

“Why Wetherell are No.1” Brochure for any background you might require: Number 1:

“The Wetherell Guide to Successful Marketing in Mayfair” To see how property is the ultimate Mayfair Retail Experience: Guide to Marketing: 

“Great British Brands”
Wetherell one of 150 British success stories published by Julia Carrick OBE (ex Walpole) and Edited by Lucinda van der Post (ex How to Spend It):
GBB: Main page:

And lastly – If Mayfair was a Gin & Tonic


The GLASS  represents the unique size of Mayfair that cannot expand – it is what it is
The ICE represents the 80,000 workers who come to Mayfair every day, the foundation of the cocktail and contributing to the local economy
The SLICE OF LEMON  is the cultural element of Mayfair’s restaurants, art galleries and entertainment that gives it the unique essence and taste
The GIN represents the residents of Mayfair, the spirit, the backbone without whom there is no cocktail – they are Mayfair’s gatekeepers
The TONIC represents the 3,800 – 5* hotel rooms which accommodate the incoming wealth from around the World replenishing on a weekly basis the vitality and diverse population of the area
AND LASTLY THE COCKTAIL MIXER STICK   which represents WETHERELL who take all the ingredients and stirs them up into the finest cocktail in the world.

May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Directors and Staff of Wetherell in wishing all our Clients, Colleagues and Contacts a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.