June 2012

“A specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less” So said William James Mayo – a physician in the United States and one of the seven founders of the Mayo Clinic – in a 1927 Reader’s Digest article. As the Mayfair Specialist who has worked in the area for 40 […]

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May 2012

FACTS – FIGURES – FOR SALE 1926 – HM Queen born in Mayfair – 17 Bruton Street Diamond – HM Queen celebrates Jubilee – 1952 – 2012 Pearl – Wetherell celebrate 30 years selling Mayfair’s Finest Properties – 1982 – 2012 China – Wetherell celebrate 20 years in Mount Street – 1992 – 2012 Village […]

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April 2012

BUDGET UPDATE ONE MONTH ON Mayfair Market up 15% despite 2% SDLT Hike The main property issue of the Budget on the 21st March 2012 was the effect on the market by the raising of SDLT from 5% to 7% on properties over £2M. I have kept our April report to the end of the […]

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March 2012

Highlights of the Wetherell March Report Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Wetherell Sponsor the Property Awards New To Mayfair Market You Can’t Afford to Sell Taxing at the Top Watch This Space – Mayfair Spring Market Current Mayfair Market Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Residential Mayfair has had a […]

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February 2012

TOP TREE IN MAYFAIR “Tree” is not a typo nor an Irish twang in pronunciation, but a report I came across prepared in 2008 stating that the most expensive tree in England is rooted in Berkeley Square. With a radius of over 6 feet it was planted in 1789 in the reign of King George […]

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