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In 2021, Mayfair will see a revived demand for the ‘somethings’ that add pleasure or comfort but are not absolutely necessary. These ‘somethings’ are indulgent but provide pleasure, satisfaction and ease – they are called ‘luxuries’. Mayfair will once again provide that ‘psychogeographic’ experience that no other area can provide and what we have all […]

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Foreword by Peter Wetherell Much has happened since our original forecast about the key trends for the Mayfair market during 2020 published at the start of this year. Within just a few months the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, sending Mayfair, its households and property market, into a strict lockdown, with property activity […]

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Wetherell Mayfair Market Report – April 2020

My thoughts on the Mayfair property market. Recalibrate Calibre Leadership & Values Bricks & Mortar Resilience Mayfair Step Changes Thoughts for the Future Views of London Dangerous Disparity The Mayfair market is still active on the letting of property plus properties for sale which were viewed pre-lockdown. I end the report asking for your thoughts […]

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Wetherell Mayfair Market Report – January 2020

We look back on sales and lettings for 2019 and give our predictions for 2020. We highlight how the demographics of the Mayfair occupier will change throughout the ‘20s. AFFORDABILITY – ACTION NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST The Mayfair Guru says….. Wetherell Research for the residential Mayfair market for 2019 shows a continued reduction in the […]

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Wetherell Mayfair Market Report – October 2019

“Freedom from want” – “Freedom from fear” “Freedom of speech” – “Freedom to worship” These are the inscriptions on the raised platform of the President Roosevelt statue (that stands on the north side of Grosvenor Square gardens) created by Scottish sculptor William Reid Dick and unveiled in 1948. FDR (1882-1845) was president from 1935 to […]

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