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Gary & the Ultimate Dinner Party

What do you want out of a dinner party? We imagine that you want your guests to leave well fed and watered, having had a hugely entertaining time and with big smiles on their faces. Nothing can be left to chance except for conversation (and even then it can be gently guided!). So, if everything’s in order in the kitchen, then you can be the host with the most… and everyone worships at the altar of the fabulous host. Gary Lee, Executive Chef at The Ivy is a past master at ensuring that everything is seamless – you’ll spend less time in the kitchen when it matters and more time gassing with your guests. Great tips, shortcuts, advice on timing, menu balancing, presentation and how to make simple things look sophisticated, yet taste delicious. It’s a no-brainer… once you’ve left the deli this evening, you’ll be giving Buckingham Palace a run for its money…

The event at The Mount St Deli is on Tuesday, 17 February, and starts promptly at 6pm, running for an hour and a half. Canapés & drinks are served. Tickets are £15 each and are strictly limited. To book, call 020 7499 6843

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