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India’s Mega-Rich Buying Up London Homes

Indian billionaires have invested as much as $1.5bn (£881m) in central London properties over the last 18 months, a report by luxury estate agency Wetherell has found. Up to $750m (£440m) was spent between wealthy home owners across 221 capital homes in 2013, with Mayfair and Belgravia being the most popular locations. In Mayfair, 30pc of property was bought by UK residents andEuropeans, with Indians and Russians making up 25pc and 13pc respectively.

Bollygarchs outbidding the Russians in London

Oligarchs are being squeezed out of the capital’s swankiest areas by super-rich investors from the subcontinent. Russians have long ranked first among foreign buyers in terms of their spending power. Settling only for superluxe homes in the swankiest districts of the capital, the oligarchs have, if not invaded, then certainly made an impact — the city has even been branded Londongrad. Yet all that might be about to change. There’s …Read More

How did Mayfair become London`s most desirable area?

Had the game of Monopoly been invented in the 17th century, the most valuable square on the board would not have been Mayfair. Back then, there weren’t many blue plaques on its walls. Mind you, there weren’t that many walls, either. Today, this may be the home of Britain’s most expensive property, but circa 1675, this was a nondescript patch of open ground made muddy and boggy by the River …Read More

‘Crescent’ and ‘Mews’ addresses boost London house prices by up to 40 per cent

It is not just location that determines the value of an address, the name can also play a crucial role. Homes on an attractive sounding “crescent”, “square” or “mews” sell for higher prices than any other sort of address in central London, according to an analysis of thousands of property sales last year. A “crescent” address — normally denoting a majestic sweeping terrace — commanded an average price of £2,103 …Read More

Luxury Bathrooms – Liquid assets

Not so long ago, your bathroom was the sort of place you dipped in and out of pretty quickly. There was no such thing as dwell time, just bath time. And it didn’t last very long. Today, all that has changed. Talk to the people who shape our 21st-century homes, and they describe the modern-day bathroom as a “cocoon”, a “retreat” and a place in which to linger and luxuriate. …Read More

Very High Commission: Canada cashes in on Britain’s property boom

Canada has cashed in on the Britain’s property boom by selling its Mayfair embassy for £306milion – more than six times the value placed on it just 14 years ago. The stunning building, in London’s historic Grosvenor Square, has been the Canadian High Commission since 1960. It failed to sell for £50 million in 1999, but today it was confirmed a deal has been struck with an Indian property tycoon. …Read More

Great Scott: First base for the Met Police to be turned into five-star hotel

The first headquarters for the Metropolitan Police will be transformed into a five-star hotel – with £10,000-a-night rooms for VIPs – after the historic building was acquired by property developers. Stephen Conway, chief executive of Galliard Group said: ‘Our vision is to create one of London’s most outstanding 5-star hotels. It really is a blue-chip building with grand architecture, a fascinating history and large dramatic interiors. Great Scotland Yard, the …Read More

Red Lion House, Waverton Street

A former Public House, Red Lion House was recently featured in The Mail Online.  With interior design by Bill Bennette, this beautiful newly built virtually detached house covers seven floors and boasts fantastic entertaining space, a swimming pool, cinema, two roof terraces and a master bedroom suite that occupies the entire first floor. The elegant reception room on the ground floor opens onto to a 216 sq ft patio and …Read More

Lady Norah Docker and the Pink Panther Pad

An elegant lateral mansion flat in Claridge House on Davies Street, adjacent to Claridges Hotel, which benefits from luxurious Art Deco style features and furnishings, and was once the Mayfair home of Daimler heiress Lady Nora Docker, has just come onto the market through sole agent Wetherell. Situated between Berkeley Square and Claridges Hotel, Claridge House was constructed in 1924, designed by architect S. Gordon Reeves, who was involved in …Read More

Wetherell data shows good restaurants can improve prices by 15-20%

Wetherell survey finds good restaurants can enhance residential property values by 15%-20% with fast food outlets doing the opposite. As residents in London’s West End have become ever more affluent, international and health conscious, they are dining out more; are discerning about where they eat and are choosing to live in addresses close to leading restaurants. This trend means that high quality restaurants can make an address sought after and …Read More