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Wealthy Londoners in bidding frenzy to live above Gucci, swanky restaurants and sex shops

House prices: What are you prepared to pay to live above your favourite shops and bars? Living above a shop, once the domain of shopkeepers and students, has shaken off its seedy image to become the height of property fashion. Traditionally, you would pay 10pc less to buy a flat on top of a corner shop, clothes store or restaurant than for another home of the same size, in the …Read More

Yours for £1million – the home the size of a BATHROOM

BRITAIN’S smallest million-pound house has gone on the market – a studio flat the size of a hotel bathroom. The pint-sized pied-a-terre is spread across just 328 sq/ft – making it just over a third of the size of a new build in the UK. It is made up of a joint living and sleeping area along with a small kitchenette and shower room. At £950,000, the newly refurbished studio …Read More

The students who pay £1,000pw in central London

Boom in rentals in Mayfair and Chelsea as oligarchs and Middle Eastern royals demand the best for their offspring. There is a new breed of students in town and they’re looking for accommodation just a little smarter than your average digs. Rich offspring of Middle Eastern royals, Russian oligarchs, African heads of state and super-rich east Asian businesspeople flooding into Britain for the start of university term are prepared to …Read More

A night in a London hotel suite now costs £11,700 – before you’ve even opened the mini bar

London has been branded the world’s most expensive city for five star hotel suites and luxury serviced apartments, according a new accommodation survey. An under supply of top end hotels in the capital, due to land prices, and the strength of the pound have pushed prices up to new heights – with the most lavish rooms in Mayfair costing £11,700 a night. At £2,050 per night, the cost of renting …Read More

Make mine a double. . . with an en suite!

Make mine a double. . . with an en suite! Landlords pulling in pounds by transforming pubs into luxury apartments as 20,000 boozers shut down in 30 years. Landlords are calling time at the bar as developers transform pubs from smelly-carpeted watering holes into multi-million pound apartments. • More than 3,200 pubs have shut down in London alone, with 36 around the weatlhy W1 area • The Red Lion in …Read More

Now that’s a mini bar!

At the end of a night of drinking many people wish they could quickly be at home in their beds rather than standing in line for a taxi. And now that dream is a reality with the creation of a studio flat in London which can transform from a mini-bar/private club into a cosy home. At just 30 square metres (323 sqft) in size and costing £625 per week, the …Read More

Overseas students outbid London’s bankers

In a race to rent London’s luxury pads Rents in central London are too expensive for young professionals working in the city. Untidy bedsits and cramped accommodation are normally associated with student life, however in central London’s best addresses, where weekly rents can top £1,000 per week, an elite of highly-affluent, foreign under-graduates are renting luxury apartments. According to the London Central Portfolio, this group accounts for 41pc of the tenancy …Read More

Demand takes off – and so do the prices

How good is it? If you are a property developer, the answer is very good. If you are an estate agent, the answer is – often as not – even better. In fact, if estate agency sales are one sign of a good market, then so are the reports coming out of the property industry. The surveys all agree that prices are rising. Rightmove has prices up by 3.3 per …Read More

India’s Mega-Rich Buying Up London Homes

Indian billionaires have invested as much as $1.5bn (£881m) in central London properties over the last 18 months, a report by luxury estate agency Wetherell has found. Up to $750m (£440m) was spent between wealthy home owners across 221 capital homes in 2013, with Mayfair and Belgravia being the most popular locations. In Mayfair, 30pc of property was bought by UK residents andEuropeans, with Indians and Russians making up 25pc and 13pc respectively.

Bollygarchs outbidding the Russians in London

Oligarchs are being squeezed out of the capital’s swankiest areas by super-rich investors from the subcontinent. Russians have long ranked first among foreign buyers in terms of their spending power. Settling only for superluxe homes in the swankiest districts of the capital, the oligarchs have, if not invaded, then certainly made an impact — the city has even been branded Londongrad. Yet all that might be about to change. There’s …Read More