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December 2016

An American philosopher and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; Nicholas Murray Butler (1862 – 1947) was so well known and respected that The New York Times would print his Christmas greeting to the nation every year. He is also known for the famous phrase: “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing” OSBORNITIS & PCL “Osbornitis” (a …Read More

November 2016

I have pleasure in providing a link to download the pdf for our latest Wetherell Research on the local Mayfair residential market. “Mayfair’s Golden Decade” sets out the Wetherell view that the area is currently experiencing its most exciting 10 years in nearly a century. For Mayfair homes valued over £15 million, the new Wetherell report highlights that the average household in this top price bracket will spend £4.5 million …Read More

October 2016

Opportunity for dollar based purchasers. Opportunity for those seeking choice. Opportunity for investment. I have been researching the residential sales market for Mayfair for the 12 months up to end of September 2016. x154   There are currently 154 properties currently available for sale in Mayfair. x20   Of these 20 are under offer. COMMENT: Stock is 50% up on normal  but so is the percentage under offer which usually is about …Read More

September 2016

Our “Back to School” September report on the residential Mayfair Market – what an opportunity for current buyers with an increase in stock by 24% on 2015 availability and 67% higher than 2014. With a value of over £750 million for 161 properties there has never been a better opportunity to buy. VALUES v VOLUME The values continue to be strong due to what Mayfair has to offer – however …Read More

August 2016

“The Velocity of Mayfair Money” our new Market Report highlights how the sale of one £3 million deal on a two bedroom apartment can result in over £75 million of sales. We give the motivation for selling and highlight 6 amazing Mayfair properties. Top End of Market Good Nearly a third of all Mayfair sales this year have been over £5M with Wetherell involved in over half the sales. If …Read More

July 2016

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Last week we sent out The Wetherell Market Report on the effects of “Brexit” and the opportunities for Mayfair residential property. We had such a good response that we decided to take the English idiom of “A picture is worth a thousand words” and produce a poster that sums up the Wetherell view on selling in Mayfair – post Brexit. I have pleasure …Read More

June 2016

Wetherell Referendum Market Report – “The price of greatness is responsibility” So said Winston Churchill and this quote has much relevance for the EU Referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016. It is not a question of which way you vote but whether you take up your democratic privilege and actually go out and vote – the apathetic party must not be the winner of this important referendum. THE APATHETIC PARTY The …Read More

May 2016

HOW QUIET IS QUIET? This time last year we reported that turnover of sales transactions were 50% off Quarter 1 2014 due to the imminent General Election and threat of a Mansion Tax. Since the election the Conservative government have brought in a “raft” of property related changes to SDLT (stamp duty) and other tax charges with the result that Quarter 1 2016 sales turnover shows the same 50% off …Read More

April 2016

Mayfair in the1950’s saw the demolition of all the Georgian mansions on the western side of the world’s most famous square and construction started on a modernistic new building designed by Eero Saarinen, a Finish American architect. The American Embassy London Chancery Building in Grosvenor Square opened in 1960 after moving from 1 Grosvenor Square and featured, a large guilded aluminum bald eagle by Theodore Roszak, with a wing span …Read More

March 2016

Only 10% of the Mayfair market is houses for sale and only a third of these are under £10 million. There are only two available between £5M – £10M. This extremely rare new build house behind a period listed façade in Curzon Street has just been launched by Wetherell at £9.995M. With an amazing oversized hallway with sweeping “Gone with the Wind” staircase plus a private patio garden; this re-modelled …Read More