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December 2015

Dear Mayfair Aficionado,  I have pleasure in sharing  our Mayfair Residential Research for 2015. You can download the full report here….. Wetherell End of Year Report 2015 HIGHLIGHTS £ P S F We have tracked the £p.s.f. value of a pre-owned 2/3 bedroom apartment in Grosvenor Square from 1984 to 2015 showing a rise from £280 p.s.f. to nearly £4,000 p.s.f. EFFECTS OF SDLT We highlight a price band where there …Read More

November 2015

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” said the famous Mayfair resident Coco Chanel. Likewise I have always maintained that the property remains the same and it is only the perception of value in the property that changes. Of course that perception has many influences including public realm improvements as well as supply, demand and market sentiment. THE BEST & THE REST The current phase of today’s Mayfair property market …Read More

October 2015

The 279 acres that form Mayfair comprise nine distinct neighbourhoods, each with their own features, buyer profiles and top addresses: Mayfair Village, Park Lane, The Lanes, Mayfair Town, Grosvenor Square, North Mayfair, Shepherd Market, Clarges, Artisan District. Our latest research in association with Dataloft / Lonres show that Mayfair is the home to 5,118 permanent residents, over 42 nationalities, with over 42% aged between 25-44. In terms of sales Mayfair …Read More

September 2015

GUESS THE YEAR?: “Mayfair has lately been receiving a very favourable national press with articles proclaiming that the residential element is again returning to the area. This is partly due to the recent launches of various new restorations where buildings used for the last 45 years as offices are now returning back to their original residential use. Wetherell have over the last two years sold over twenty office buildings for the …Read More

August 2015 – When to Buy?

Buy your convertible car in November preferably when it is raining but not your umbrella which should be bought in August when the sun is shining. So when buying your Mayfair property when better than at the height of summer when the availability of stock is at its highest and the competition of buyers its lowest? DOWNLOAD THIS REPORT AS PDF You need the choice because you cannot afford to …Read More

July 2015 – Road Closure Leads to Record Mayfair Prices

For the last few years those who like to approach Mayfair from Park Lane, driving past the Dorchester Hotel into South Audley Street or towards Hill Street and Berkeley Square have had their route stymied with the closure of Deanery Street during working hours. The cause is a new luxury development of JUST SEVEN apartments currently being built and replacing an ugly 1960’s office building at 77 South Audley Street. …Read More

Wetherell to Chancellor

The knock on effect of the December Budget change in top tier SDLT (stamp duty land tax to 12% over £1.2M) is beginning to be more visible. Total volume of Mayfair sales for residential property in the 1st half of 2015 was down by a third on 2014 and half of 2013. However sales values remain strong due to lack of supply – potential vendors have withdrawn nearly a quarter …Read More

June 2015

V verses V & SDLT Volume verses Value is still the issue for residential sales in Mayfair. SDLT (the acronym for Stamp Duty Land Tax) could also stand for “Stall the Deal Level of Transactions” since the Chancellor’s hike in top tier tax to 12% in December 2014. With the majority result in the General Election to the Conservatives they might like to reflect on declining revenues that this tax …Read More

Who Lives in Mayfair 2015

Our updated `Who Lives in Mayfair 2015` report gives an insight into the local population of one of the worlds most prestigious neighbourhoods. Over 5,100 permanent residents, from more than 42 nationalities live in Mayfair and 60% of residents were born overseas. Within that group, 64% arrived in the UK between the ages of 20 and 44. There is more space for people than you might think, with a population density of just 39.3 …Read More

General Election 2015 – The Result

I now hope that we can take the political rhetoric off the table and return to a more stable residential property market This Conservative WIN is excellent news for the London property market. With the mansion tax threat now off the agenda Government should now focus on creating a more equitable Council Tax upper rate bands across the whole of the country. London still has many concerns as reflected by …Read More