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World One at World Towers Mumbai

Mayfair estate agent Wetherell has been appointed by Indian luxury property developer Lodha Group to be the official London sales partner for the 1,450 ft high (442 metre high) World One Tower in Mumbai, marketing the world’s tallest residential skyscraper to Indian super-rich buyers based in London. Designed by international architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the 117 storey high £205 million World One Tower is located in the Worli …Read More

November 2014

A MAYFAIR WHITE CHRISTMAS? The last time snow actually fell on Christmas Day in the UK was in 1976. The previous time was 38 years earlier in 1938 – so in simple mathematical terms that makes this year 2014 the next snowfall for Christmas day! (The last time the UK had a white Christmas was 2004 although London missed out on the significant falls). Regent Street first lit up its …Read More

October 2014

I am pleased to announce our latest research piece, “The Mount Street Report: Mount Street as an exemplar of public realm improvement” The report was commissioned and compiled by Wetherell, with research and written contributions by Zoe Dare Hall, an award winning property journalist who principally writes for the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and The London Magazine. The new report reviews how Grosvenor has defined public realm enhancement best …Read More

September 2014

Last week I re tweeted a considered press article on the “Mansion Tax” threat aired by Ed Milliband in his “rousing” political speech at his Labour Party conference. One of my Mayfair Guru followers replied: “Oh do stop whining. I don’t agree with tax but your protestations are nauseous. Mayfair would survive”. Indeed I am sure that it would but this rhetoric and “politically neutral” electioneering does not hide the …Read More

August 2014

So far this year the volume of Mayfair sales are down by over a third this year compared to 2013 – the lowest amount of actual sales since the “Lehman Crash” era of 2008 and 2009. Wetherell 75% market share Ten years ago the turnover of 86 properties sold in 2004 increased by about a half to 118 properties sold in 2007 with volume crashing by over 50% in 2008 …Read More

July 2014

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP? – WRITE A BOOK “History will bear me out. Particularly as I shall write that history myself.” So said Sir Winston Churchill and perhaps I can be accused of similar grandeur after the publication of our book “The Story of Mayfair” detailing 350 years of history and our views on the next 10 years as the most exciting decade for nearly a century in Mayfair’s history. Copies available on …Read More

May 2014 -The Story of Mayfair, 1664 onwards

The Story of Mayfair: From 1664 onwards, is a new book co-authored by Peter Wetherell, Erik Brown and Oliver Bradbury which looks at the social, financial and physical development of Mayfair, one of the world’s most famous addresses over 350 years, with a fascinating final chapter reviewing the potential future of Mayfair up to 2030. With written contributions from leading Mayfair figures including Peter Vernon, Simon Reuben, Richard Caring, Sir …Read More

April 2014 – A Sexy Address can add 40% to the Value of a Home

If the name of your address is one which buyers desire it can add up to 40% to the value of your home, whilst the wrong name can wipe off 20%. London’s most desirable and valuable address names are crescent, square and mews whilst the least coveted are road, grove and court. The London property market benefits from selling more properties which have desirable address names than the rest of …Read More

March 2014 – Mayfair`s Most Expensive Flat

At £5,130 per square foot, Mayfair`s most expensive flat ever underlines Grosvenor Square`s ascendency as London`s most expensive square. Download the full report here…. Priced at a record £5,130 per square foot, the spacious, lavishly refurbished, £18 million ultra-prime apartment (No. 4) at 18 Grosvenor Square is the most expensive apartment ever released onto the Mayfair market: through selling agents Wetherell. This latest ultra-prime apartment typifies a “new generation” of …Read More