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December 2012

Storm Clouds on the Horizon? “The horizon of many people is a circle with a radius of zero. They call this their point of view.” So said Albert Einstein and so it can possibly also be said of some recent proposals from central and local government which will impact the residential property market for Mayfair. Central Government This Tuesday, 11th December, the government published their draft Finance Bill clarifying the …Read More

November 2012

As there are quite a number of topics this month I highlight the items at the beginning so that you can then drill down to topics of interest. Move over Mayfair Guru Guru bows to Visionary who predicts £17,000 p.s.f. by 2050 New Record Sale for Mayfair £19.5m Park Lane Penthouse sold for £4,200 p.s.f. 90% Market Share of Super Prime £10m+ In 2012 Wetherell have 90% of £175m Mayfair …Read More

October 2012

GURU PRESENTS Last month I presented to clients of Boodle Hatfield (solicitors) on the strength of the property market in prime central London (PCL) after the changes to stamp duty in the March Budget and the threat of annual charges to “non-natural” persons. “PCL” to “SP” When I started work in the 1970’s prime central London was Mayfair. Now PCL makes up a far larger share of the golden London …Read More

September 2012

Record Breaking Values Lift August Gloom on Low Turnover of Sales Government Health Warning New Mayfair Instructions Q: What do Mayfair Property Values and Tattoos share in common? A: HINDSIGHT Whilst on holiday I met a middle aged man lamenting on the folly of his youth as the starkness of his decorations faded against his increasing tan. Likewise in preparing this report on “Record Breaking August”, I marvelled on the …Read More

July 2012

MAYFAIR PLAYS HOST TO THE 3rd LONDON OLYMPICS 1st In 1908 the first London Olympics were held at a time when Mayfair was the No.1 residential  area of London and the British were at their peak of financial fitness. 2nd The 2nd time was the austere Olympics of 1948 when the old Aristocrats of Mayfair mixed with the Plutocrats had seen their wealth shot to pieces – firstly by WW1 …Read More

June 2012

“A specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less” So said William James Mayo – a physician in the United States and one of the seven founders of the Mayo Clinic – in a 1927 Reader’s Digest article. As the Mayfair Specialist who has worked in the area for 40 years and celebrates 30 years of Wetherell this year; I feel that it can now …Read More

May 2012

FACTS – FIGURES – FOR SALE 1926 – HM Queen born in Mayfair – 17 Bruton Street Diamond – HM Queen celebrates Jubilee – 1952 – 2012 Pearl – Wetherell celebrate 30 years selling Mayfair’s Finest Properties – 1982 – 2012 China – Wetherell celebrate 20 years in Mount Street – 1992 – 2012 Village – A self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features …Read More

April 2012

BUDGET UPDATE ONE MONTH ON Mayfair Market up 15% despite 2% SDLT Hike The main property issue of the Budget on the 21st March 2012 was the effect on the market by the raising of SDLT from 5% to 7% on properties over £2M. I have kept our April report to the end of the month so that we could analyse the market on actual sales evidence and market sentiment. …Read More

March 2012

Highlights of the Wetherell March Report Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Wetherell Sponsor the Property Awards New To Mayfair Market You Can’t Afford to Sell Taxing at the Top Watch This Space – Mayfair Spring Market Current Mayfair Market Wetherell’s 30% Market Share in Last 3 Months Residential Mayfair has had a busy three months over the Christmas and New Year period with Wetherell selling over 20% …Read More

February 2012

TOP TREE IN MAYFAIR “Tree” is not a typo nor an Irish twang in pronunciation, but a report I came across prepared in 2008 stating that the most expensive tree in England is rooted in Berkeley Square. With a radius of over 6 feet it was planted in 1789 in the reign of King George III when Sir William Pitt was Prime Minister of Britain and George Washington became the …Read More