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December 2009

Wetherell Wins Award The Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year Award 2009 GOLD AWARD FOR PRESTIGE PROPERTY: WETHERELL The Judges’ comments…. “Everything about Wetherell epitomises prestige. Started by Peter Wetherell 27 years ago and based in the heart of Mayfair, they specialise only in Mayfair properties and truly are the local experts with a clearly demonstrated passion and knowledge of their local area and an extremely visible presence in …Read More

November 2009

Confidence in Mayfair Market moves into Super Prime Price Band! Although the Mayfair market for the 1st quarter of 2009 suffered the same quiet market as the last quarter of 2008 activity and sales since the spring of this year, has seen an upturn. Wetherell, as the Mayfair specialists, has seen a slight increase in the volume of activity (the amount of property sold) but in aggregate terms the total …Read More

October 2009

The Buyers are back! In 1961 a French psychologist based in America by the name of Rene Girard came up with the term – “Mimetic Desire”. Basically it says that we want to do the things that other people do because their decisions validate our own. This explains everything from the herd instinct to fashion. Relate this “mimetic desire” to property and add a further element of lack of supply …Read More

July 2009

1st Half of 2009 “In the last 2 years, 75% of all Mount Street residential sale transactions have been through Wetherell” Slow Start to 09 but confidence rising After a very quiet first quarter and a second quarter that took a long time to warm up, the general consensus is that the overall property market over the last two months has picked up both in value and volume of sales. …Read More

April 2009

MAYFAIR RESIDENTIAL MARKET REPORT ON Q1 2009 VOLUME OF SALES DOWN Q1 2009 – The number of sales in Mayfair has been dire with volume of sales way down on previous years. In £ value terms the bids (offers received on property for sale) are 25% off the peak 2007/8 selling figures BUT most vendors are not accepting the bids hence low volume of sales. The 2003-7 average for Q1 …Read More

March 2009

Value Valley – The great divide between buyer and seller Our latest Wetherell Mayfair Market Report deals with the impasse in the residential sales market in Mayfair and the positive knock on effect to the rental market. So far this year, there has only been a couple of handful of sales in residential Mayfair property. In the whole of 2007 there were 33 agents eating off the residential sales market …Read More

January 2009

WETHERELL MAYFAIR RESIDENTIAL MARKET REPORT 2009 Luxury goods and the top end of the property market are now feeling the effects of the recession. Mayfair is insulated but not isolated from the effects of wealth depletion. However new registrations of applicants are up for the new year and those with CASH seem to want to balance their portfolios out of bank deposits and into asset based investments such as property …Read More