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October 2008

Mansions Lost and found in Mayfair Mayfair estate agent Wetherell and the landed estate Grosvenor have jointly sponsored The Lost Mansions of Mayfair by architectural historian Oliver Bradbury. The book was launched at a Wetherell-sponsored reception in Purdey’s building on South Audley Street, Mayfair W1. Bradbury’s incredibly well-researched book looks at the majestic buildings that have been lost. There are many of them. The inhabitants of Mayfair have been wealthy …Read More

August 2008

The Market Cycle HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL WORD LOOKING FORWARD IS MUCH EASIER WITH THE BENEFIT OF PAST KNOWLEDGE HISTORY TENDS TO REPEAT ITSELF IN THE BROAD BRUSH STROKE IF NOT THE DETAIL Market on the way up The rise to the top of any market is caricatured by the spreading of disinformation about lack of supply coupled with enormous demand for the asset. “Outsiders” rush to buy on the …Read More

July 2008

Mayfair Residential Property Market Update Half Year 2008 Wetherell report that the volume (the number of sales) for residential property sold in Mayfair and St James’s in the first 6 months of 2008 was down by 66% from the similar period in 2007. However the total value (the aggregate value sold) of sales remains the same at approximately £250M. Wetherell’s individual sales volume was also 50% down however the value …Read More

May 2008

How to Value in a Low Volume Market “VALUE NOT VOLUME – THE BEST AND THE REST” 2007 was the year that you could sell secondary property for prime prices – the worst house in the best street, the biggest house in the noisiest road, the best house in the worst street, the development opportunity. 2008 market is “the best and the rest”, purchasers are still out there and will …Read More

March 2008

THE MAYFAIR NUMBERS Wetherell has market share of residential property sold in Mayfair for 2008 100% market share of properties over £10M 66% market share of properties over £5M 23% market share of number of units sold 53% market share in terms of total value sold 54% market share of total sq.ft. / m2 sold MAYFAIR MARKET REPORT Wetherell have over 25 years experience in the residential Mayfair market. Peter …Read More

January 2008

WETHERELL – BRINGING RESIDENTIAL LIFE BACK TO MAYFAIR 2007 Volume of Sales Consistent to 2006 2007 Value of Volume Sales up by 41% 41% increase in total value sold Last year, Mayfair & St James’s experienced an increase of approximately 41% in the value of all residential property sold (compared to 2006) whilst the number of properties sold was similar to 2006, partially a reflection on the lack of new …Read More